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Backup Remote Linux Servers

Here is small script to backup multiple remote servers to local machine and then delete remote file after the operation.

You need ssh key setup with remote machines for the script to login.

Of course you can use the same script(after desired modification) to automate any operation on remote machines from your local machine cron.


TIMESTAMP=`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M`

for i in $hosts;
  echo $i
  ssh $i tar -czvpPf /root/mysqlbackup_"$TIMESTAMP".tar.gz /var/lib/mysql/
  scp root@$i:/root/mysqlbackup_"$TIMESTAMP".tar.gz /mnt/mysqlbackup/mysql_"$FILENAME".tar.gz
  ssh $i rm -f /root/mysqlbackup_"$TIMESTAMP".tar.gz
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