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PHP find time difference between two countries by country code

To calculate time difference between two countries following code can be used:

i will calculate time difference between United States (New York) and Jamaica

Origin: United States
Destination: Jamaica

Find Jamaica time zone

(note if you need accurate result and/or there are more than 1 timezone in calculated country you need to use city/province code with geoip_time_zone_by_country_and_region() function as second parameter to get timezone)

$timezone = geoip_time_zone_by_country_and_region("JM");

Find offset between destination time zone and origin timezone

$offset = get_timezone_offset($timezone, 'America/New_York');

Our custom get_timezone_offset() function that we use to calculate offset between 2 locations:

function get_timezone_offset($remote_tz, $origin_tz = null) {
    if ($origin_tz === null) {
        if (!is_string($origin_tz = date_default_timezone_get())) {
            return false;
    $origin_dtz = new DateTimeZone($origin_tz);
    $remote_dtz = new DateTimeZone($remote_tz);
    $origin_dt = new DateTime("now", $origin_dtz);
    $remote_dt = new DateTime("now", $remote_dtz);
    $offset = $origin_dtz->getOffset($origin_dt) - $remote_dtz->getOffset($remote_dt);
    return $offset;

Add offset to current time:

$offset_time = time() - $offset;

Print current time and timezone of destination country

echo "Time in JM: ".date('Y-m-d H:i', $offset_time) ." ($timezone)</br>";

Convert offset to hour format (default is seconds)


Print time difference in hours:

if ($of > 0){
   echo "JM is ".abs($of)." hours behind";
}elseif($of < 0){
   echo "JM is ".abs($of)." hours ahead";
   echo "There is no time difference";

Note:Make sure you set your local time zone at the beginning of you code otherwise time() function results will be in accurate


Check out the new version

**get_timezone_offset function is taken from php.net

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